Potential work funding for ANY course of certification (within reason) - what should I do?

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I have self-funded my OSCP and CISSP.

However my employer has stated that they will be willing to possibly fund a course or certification of my choice.  This is within reason, I obviously can't ask for a course of a 2-3 week break from work to complete.  

My current job is Incident Response and Digital Forensics.  I'm fairly happy in that line of work.  

I was thinking of asking for a the GREM course through SANS (GIAC Reverse Engineering Malware).  I've only done basic malware work, more triaging and I know this is hugely connected to Incident response/forensics and is an area where people with the relevant skills are hard to come by.  

I don't really want to do:
  • Any Incident Response courses
  • Forensics
  • CISM or those types of thing
I want it to be an advanced course and probably technical.  

I did consider the CCNA but that is not advanced, and also I think I should learn that in my own time as I've never gone near a Cisco device in my life, and feel I have so much to learn that I don't want to just go on a 5-6 day course and risk being out of my depth.

Any thoughts?  
What should I choose?
(P.S. I know this is a really open question but I'm just brain storming at the minute)
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    I have been following your posts since your OSCP journey (and currently your CISSP) and it would be a waste not to polish and enhance your penetration skills further so I would suggest GXPN. 
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    What about a Black Hat 2019 visit with a 4 day course there? There's CanSecWest 6 months sooner, but I think it's a bit pricier.
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