Cybersecurity Audit Certificate Bundle-Online Course cost breakdown

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I was hoping ISACA would have Cybermonday sale, a wishful thinking. So, out of curiosity I did a quick check on how much this would cost me to take the  Cybersecurity Audit Certificate. Below is the cost breakdown for the cert course to take online. This price break down is for  ISACA member only. I would say just order the book and exam certificate, and with the shipping total cost would be $336, not a bad invest if you pass the exam. 

RemoveItem #TypeDescriptionQtyUnit PriceExt. Price
LMS_CACSALESCybersecurity Audit Certificate Online Course$671.00$671.00
CYBACSALESCybersecurity Audit Certificate Study Guide$79.00$79.00
CA_EXAMSALESCybersecurity Audit Certificate Exam$249.00$249.00
CACOL_BUNDLESALESCybersecurity Audit Certificate Online Course - Print Bundle$0.00$0.00
Total before tax:$1,007.00
Estimated tax:$0.00
Order Total:$1,007.00
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