Taking the N10-007 exam tomorrow

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Taking the exam tomorrow. I've used GTS Learnings materials (had a one week class provided by my employer) I've gone through and taken notes on all the professor messor videos. I've read through Mike Meyer's book on N10. and I've gone through Pearson Certifications labs. On the GTS Learnings practice exam is says they translate scoring a 90% on their exam to passing the real thing... I scored a 76% and its a bit discouraging, especially with the exam coming up tomorrow. Any last minute tips? Frankly I find the pointless use of stupid acronym's (PII... really?) frustrating.


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    I passed with an 853. Much better than I thought I would. Thanks!
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    My company provided a 5 day class for Net+ and they may offer me the same for Security+. If not it will be between than and possibly going ahead with Microsoft certifications. I'm not sure exactly where I want to go exactly with my cert path as I've already been doing work since I was 16 (I'm 28 now) in the industry. I have lots of experience at both the workstation level and domain management (AD,GP,etc.) and really just decided to get certs now as I've started to run into a pay wall and I want to make more to support my family. I've always enjoyed working with Microsoft products at every level, but I want to get the certs that are going to give me the best return on investment as well. I've debated on just taking the A+ exam just because I know I can pass it, but idk if its worth the $200-$300 to take the tests. I've also considered Cisco cert paths but I've heard those are a monster and to be honest most of my experience with network equipment has been with HP switches and id rather just know what I need to know in that area and focus more on Windows...

    So I guess I'm fairly open to where I go next. Right now I'm just going to enjoy the break from studying.
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    Yeah. I will probably go the Microsoft Route. I will probably still go Security+ if its offered for free as Its a good cert to have on my resume. The program they go through only offers A+, N+, and Sec+ so I wouldn't be able to get anything from Microsoft or Cisco without investing into it myself.

    I'm sure the exams for Microsoft are more difficult and technical, but I'm curious to know do they have the same poorly worded questions with a high value on knowing silly industry acronyms? Because honestly that is what gave me the most difficulty studying for and practicing for this exam.
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