Social engineering training by Red Team Security

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I've recently taken the Social Engineering Expert course from them and it was good, I was familiar with the topic already but the content was a good refresher on some topics and added more insights in some other areas, from the perspective of a red team engagement. Not highly technical, it goes over the entire range of social engineering activities, so it's not focusing on specific tools. What I liked most were the document templates provided for different parts of an engagement.

They're having a discount sale at this link with promo code GO2018, in case anyone else is interested:


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    The image of the guy presenting on that website looks to be the same guy who wrote the Social Engineers Playbook: A Practical Guide to Pretexting.

    Literally one of the worst books I've ever read: Both visually and content wise.
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    He does indeed own Red Team Security. What use is a social engineering course that is only general and not highly technical?

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    It didn't cover much in terms of tools, only 2 demoed, and others briefly mentioned, but it did have a breakdown of physical security tools. The body language part was the highlight in my opinion, but if you are already familiar with SE from Chris Hadnagy's books for example, it would be similar, but maybe covered from a different perspective.

    Interesting comment about the book, I was actually wondering whether to try it. He is indeed the author of that book.
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