Can anyone beat 577/900...? (nearer to 554?!)

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Passed first time earlier today and by a thin wedge of a margin! Is there anyone out there willing to own up to passing by less?! Knew it was going to be touch and go. Used the Exam Cram 2 book and old CBT Nugget videos (these were way off the mark in terms of prep for the exam but worthwhile watching all the same and they were free!).

Also used the Symantec Network+ book which is fantastically detailed, however I found it to much detail in preparing the exam so stuck to the Exam Cram. I have virutally no real network configuration experience. My troubleshooting skills and knowledge are also limited so I knew it was going to be close especially with the emphasis on this area. Made sure I was well versed in all the other areas of the objectives to strengthen things. So it worked out...just! Going to concentrate on using the exam to try and get more involved with networks at where I work which is hard due to role - cant let all the hard earned knowledge slip away.

Does anyone have any advice regarding the material for the CCNA qualification? How does the Network+ set one up for the Intro to Cisco? Is it on the same level? (Harder, easier, comparable?) I was thinking of sidestepping the CCNA and going for the Security+ as the whole encryption/cryptography stuff is very eye catching. All the best...
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    CCNA, I would guess, is much harder. I am studying for Net+ and have taken (and failed miserably) the CNNA (combined test). I am actually learning some things in Net+ that were on CCNA...

    I'll let some of the people who have taken both fill in the rest of the comparison, but from what I've seen CCNA is much harder (and a whole lot more detailed...)
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