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Hello family,

I tend to have these weird thoughts... maybe not so weird, but I tend to wonder what most "Network Engineers" day to day duties consist of. 
I remember when I first became a Network Administrator, I was told that my day to day would consist of Layer 2-4, sometimes  layer 1 of the OSI model. Now, 4 years later I tend to spend most my time doing tasks around the entire(well, layer 1-4 & 7).  Is this just because of the position I am in? Or do most Network Engineers find themselves doing application layer 7 things? Like, looking into processes, configuring & maintaining  SIEMS, etc.

Do most of you guys/gals find yourself dual hatted?   

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    Usually meetings. Then work on designs for projects. Deploy projects. Wait for people to ask for changes or modifications to their set up or environment. A lot of it is working for other people, for example you cant just go around the network and make changes for fun, there needs to be a use case, and a request. On the other hand there is a small number of central initiative projects that are being spearheaded by the department for the good of the overall environment. Usually layers 2-4, occasionally 1 if you want to go out and help just to get out of the office for an hour. 
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