Karthick Arun youngest AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Age 9)

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He made a joke out of the exam, he passed it in 25 minutes.   Love all the props he is getting from industry pros......

He could probably best most of the forum  ;)



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    Hats off to the Kid's!!! 
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    Is the kid AWS Certified Solutions Architect or just a practitioner as these both are different levels of certifications
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    Easy people--he only has the "Associate" cert and not the "Professional."   :p
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    They actually removed the age restriction for Karthick to take the certication.  BTW good article.  Kids future is BRIGHT!


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    Cloud Practitioner. Still quite an achievement. 
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    Yes. Now another 14 year old has been certified for AWS cloud Architect - Associate level. Kuddos to them ! This level is difficult for even adults
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