For some reason I'm getting two different answers from diffe

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Thanks guys for the quick replies... but I think I posted the wrong question about data backup... try this one guys.

What does a differential backup do?
A.Backs up all selected files that have changed since the last full backup.
B.Back up of files with the archive bit turned off.
C.Complete backup of all files.
D.Backs up files that differ from the first full back up.

Also on the OS test, will there be any questions asking you about anything releted to the min. and rec. installation specs of each OS?

Thanks guys


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    Believe that "A." is the answer they're looking for.
    (B.) Backups as tested on(for A+ at least) don't do this.
    (C.) Full backup does this.
    (D.) Not done on data backups.

    I don't recall any questions on minimums or recommendeds, but you should know them just in case. It's a simple matter of memorization,

    Best of luck!
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    Thanks for the reply janmike... although, can anybody confirm?
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    the answer is A
    definition of a differential backup:
    "differential backup copies files created or changed since the last normal or incremental backup"
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    Thanks guys for the help.

    Anybody know the answer to my second question by any chance though?
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    OS exam objectives:
    "Content may include the following:
    o Verify hardware compatibility and minimum requirements"

    so the answer is
    you may get asked then again you may not
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