Hello there ^__^

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hey guys.
I'm pretty happy to find a community that offers support in the security industry.
I was hoping to find a mentor or a friend that can level up with me in this industry as there is nobody that lives around me wants to join this field.or at least someone that can tell me that I'm on the right path. That would be very reassuring and would stop me from knocking all the bottles just to find the right one and then start it feels like I've been wasting a lot of potential :"D
this is my background
I come from a problem solving software development background that's why i started with exploit development with sams class it was pretty cool
I took quiet a few courses online for CEH , Ethical hacking , networking , network security , Linux administration guides and some of MIT Courses were pretty inspiring.
now I'm on the path of a bug bounty hunting i know it's a different beat on it's own but it's worth the effort.I hope to start a freelancing job that could help me with my learning process.
If anyone is interested please feel free to drop me a message ^_^.


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    Welcome to the TE forums :)
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    Interesting background -- I'm glad you found us, too! :)
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    Thank you! ^__^
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