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Where do most people buy their vouchers? Or do they just use the pearson Vue promo code and go?
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    I know it's been a few days since you posted, but since I just bought my Net+ voucher, I figured I'd answer you...

    I looked all over for vouchers at a cheaper price (Net+ goes for $21icon_cool.gif. Anyway, there were a lot of choices (CompTIA directly, PrepLogic, Cramsession) and most offer a discount voucher, one was for $70 off, but it cost $40 to buy the discount, so in the end, you only saved about $30...

    I have been a professional member of CompTIA since I passed my A+ over a year ago, and that does cost $$$ each year (can't remember how much right now), but since I am a member anyway, I was able to get 25% off or something, so I just paid $163 for my Net+.

    This is the first exam I had to pay for individually, all of my others were included in the cost of the school I attended (A+ and 7 Microsoft vouchers).

    The best thing I can offer is to check each one and find the cheapest you can...you will still pay over $150 most likely, but it beats $218 any day!!! I also have the luxury that my company will pay me back when I pass, so that's something to look forward to.

    Good luck! :D
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