suggestion regarding MD-101 or 70-697

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Hello friends,
I just passed 70-698 couple of days ago. Now there is new beta exam MD-100 and MD-101.
Can you guys please suggest I should go with 70-697 or MD-101 Next. If I pass 70-697 before the exams retires (March)  I will earn MCSA Windows 10. So If i complete MD-101 I will earn Modern Desktop Admin Associate (MDSA) or what ?
Please suggest a path to follow.


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    One more question what will be the equivalent of MCSE windows 10 ?
    70-697 + 70-698 + one more exam on Mobility == MCSE windows 10. what's now ?
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    I'm sort of in the same boat. I passed 70-97 yest and have also past 70-698 so am now MCSA. I'm not sure whether to do 70-695 and get the MCSE, just leave it or take MD101 as well.

    Any one got any ideas?
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    quite correct, since you passed 70-697 and 70-698 you already earned MCSA windows 10, One more exam 70-695 and you will be MCSE. How to go further which path to take is really confusing.
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    I'm really wanting to know what happens to mcse. All I see is the mcsa replacement and that mobility is getting retired.
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    I think there will be no more MCSA windows 10 after the exam retires on March 31 2019. You can still get the title if you pass the exam before the retiring date after that it might go into the retired exam section. But don't know how the badges will look like or even there will be one.
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    I am in the exact same boat. I am working to take the 70-697 before the end of February to give me some extra wiggle room if I need to re-take it. However, all I see is information on MD-100 and MD-101 MCSA replacement. I gave up trying to pursue current Mobility MCSE because all few sources even have study materials for them let alone materials that are up to date with the current implementation of the exam. I think no one has commented on future paths because Microsoft has yet to finalize the formal path. The MD-100 and MD-101 are still in beta. I'm just hoping Microsoft doesn't pull some stunt where after all that work you have to re-take the "Modern" 70-697 and 70-698 in addition to a 3rd exam in order to achieve the last MCSE notch.
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    I was studying for the 70-697 but switched it up (I felt i was going to possibly run out of time). And now I am studying for 70-698 once i found out it can be paired with the MD-101 exam. To get the Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification.
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