70-291 books and a quick question

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I agree with many of you regarding the books. The EC2, which i will not waste my time reading, seems to be 30% shy of the topics one would need to study. The Syngress has so many errors that i lost faith and bailed after 75 pages. I am now down to the MS Press which seems ok i guess...we will see.

Now my question: Is the scientific calculator available when taking the 70-291 exam? It was available when i sat for the 70-290 last week, which i managed to pass even though the PC crashed 5 times - yep crashed after EVERY sim. Yes, I did pray during the reboots. Anyway, i just want to be sure about the calculator. I do not want any additional suprises.



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    i am also wondering the same thing, would hate to have to manually do 2 to the nth power.
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    yes the calc is there for all ms exams .

    but surely you can do 2 to the nth power?


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    Thanks for the info.

    Is it just me, or does all the studying for these exams make the brain more powerful - i mean not just for IT, but for anything. I studied for 4 weeks and passed 70-290, so i took a week long break before starting 70-291. During that time i read the manual that came with my new Digital SLR camera - was like a hot knife going through butter. Aperture, White Balance, Exposure, Sutter Speed, Depth of Field all made complete sense to me on the first read - a cake walk compared to this exam stuff.

    Hmm... so really MS exams are your friend.

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    icon_exclaim.gif NO! The scientific calc is NOT available on the 291 test!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only the standard windows calc. You will need to remember the charts and the mathmatics.......

    I know cause the first time I took it, I was hot that I had read that it was available but it was not..... Then I read in the book, I don't remember which Exam Cram or MS Press that it was not. I finally passed on the second go without the sci calc.
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    A good tip would be to write out the powers of 2 from right to left before/when the exam starts.

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    Beefchief wrote:
    A good tip would be to write out the powers of 2 from right to left before/when the exam starts.


    Now im confused I use calculator to work out the powers of icon_sad.gif
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    of course i could do the powers manually, but if the calc is there i am going to use it :D

    if it is there is yet to be seen, i'll try and find confirmation and get back with info...
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    feeling a bit silly but long time since done maths how do i work out the power to something icon_sad.gif
  • iankfiankf Member Posts: 49 ■■□□□□□□□□
    lol i found it out lol bad memory 2x2x2x2x2 dah
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    You can do 2nth power using the normal Windows calc.

    Just do 2x2 and keep clicking = or Enter for the calculation you neeg

    e.g. to calculate 2 to the power of 4 - enter 2x2 and click = or enter 3 times et voila.

    Hope this helps.
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    No doubt number power is easy, but that's not all the scientific can do for you. It is also good for other things like quick binary/decimal and dec/binary conversions. Is this stuff easy to do manually....sure, but it's also easy to make a stupid mistake. This exam has been rightfully descrided as a beast, so need one needs all the help one can get. Help meaning the not CHEATING kind of help.

    I am still not 100% sure if the Windows scientific calc will be on the exam PC, Although "Solo79" seems to be sure very it is not. Guess i will go with that and plan for it not being there... unless i hear otherwise.

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    If you are able to use a calculator, then the exam will activate the Calculator button...they will determine what kind it is, you have no choice...just use whatever they give you. I took 291 a few months ago and don't recall the scientific calculator being available, just the standard one - Microsoft is not going to make it easy for us, we all know that. icon_confused.gif

    The sims killed me on 291, but that's a different story. 'Nother topic, 'Nother time...
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