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Hola everyone,

Took and passed the security speciality Dec 1st was a great exam to pass now me and a few buddies will be doing a 30 day challenge on the DevOps Engineer and IM looking to gather intel/advice. Has anyone recently taken the exam what did you find useful?
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    I passed the AWS Certified DevOps exam earlier this year in the spring.

    I've passed both the Security Specialty and the DevOps Pro and I thought the DevOps pro was a harder exam -- but maybe just because I don't do a lot perform a lot of the topics on the exam on a daily basis. The exam has large CI/CD component. I'm knowledgable about CI/CD and SDLC, but they aren't part of my job duties, so I didn't score too well on that to be honest. I also vaguely remember databases being featured often on my exam. However, it looks like they updated the exam since I took it; CI/CD is still heavily featured but I'm not sure if databases are covered much int he newer version.
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