DDoS Thoughts

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SO after a long and lengthy argument that ensued on discord this weekend, I decided I would bring this "debate" to the forum. I will start it with one simple question:

In 2018, if you are using a current firewall, up to date software and follow basic secure network architecture, should your internal servers be able to be taken down by a DDoS attack?

I'm not allowed to say what my previous occupation was, but let's just say it rhymes with architect.


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    Sounds like it was probably an interesting discussion....

    I would have to imagine that directly impacting servers behind a firewall that's filtering connections would be pretty tough. But I suppose that if the servers are using support services like DNS which are not behind the firewall, a denial-of-service condition could be achieved by targeting those servers. Also - if any of the servers have listeners which are  port-forwarded, app and ip stack weaknesses could be targeted.
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    In short, if all is up to scratch... No. 
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