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Money is tight and I am able to access videos through my city's library account.

Does anyone have feedback about how the Lynda resources are?  I was thinking about doing the Networking Fundamentals MTA exam first, as I haven't done an IT exam in years.


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    I have used videos I have found on Lynda as part of my studies.

    Lynda was my primary video source for the A+ and the Network+ and a supplemental for the CCNA. I have also watched videos on other things like Wireshark. Like any source, the depth covered can vary a lot depending on who the instructor is. I would say it is a phenomenal free resource, but I have not watched anything relating to the Networking Fundamentals MTA.
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    One source is almost never enough. 

    Normally, what you want is one video set, a decent book, some testing material, and a lab.

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