Any Global Knowledge CCNA Boot Camp experience?

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I did a search, but found some old posts about GK, and this course. 

Recently my company has elected me to take the CCNA boot camp offered by Global Knowledge. I have some experience being that I took my CCNA back when I was in High school (over 12 years ago). I have not really used it since then since my careers have always shifted. 

I am looking for anyone who has taken the Boot camp, and could offer some advice as to how to prep for it. I have registered for the January course, but I may be rescheduling so I can review prior to taking such an intense course. 

My plan is to take the CBT Nuggets courses online (ICND1 & 2), Looking for any other advice or recommendations. 



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    No experience with the company so won't comment on the quality. But it looks like it comes with some training resources as part of the package, so maybe nothing else is needed. Perhaps you can access that stuff a few weeks before attending the boot camp.

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