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Hello all!

I will be taking CompTIA Security+ in a few months and I wanted to prepare well.

I read a lot of posts about Darril Gibson's  Get Ahead and Get Certified practice exams (and other materials) as well as Professor Messer's videos, etc.

Where would be the most trusted website or platform to BUY the whole study guide and other useful PDFs and resources? I don't want to go to a website where it might be fake or untrusted. I might also be saving some money in the long run. Also, this is me trying to be smart and cautious.

So, is there a specific place to get the full study material package for Security+?

FYI, I live in the Middle East so websites like Amazon would be kind of inconvenient.

Thanks all!


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    Professor Messer is a favoured resource among many who study for the three main CompTIA exams. His videos are free and very easy to follow. He also has study notes which you can purchase and monthly study groups you can attend. I highly recommend this over a different paid video course:

    Also take a look at the CompTIA Security+ objectives. This lists every possible subject that could appear in the exam, so if you can study each one and tick them off like a checklist, you'll be on the right track.

    Practice Tests:
    MeasureUp (paid but VERY detailed and highly recommended):
    ExamCompass (free but not as detailed, maybe good for a quick test now and again):

    Take a look at some of the other Security+ forums on here. Other people have been in the same situation as you and there are other useful resources and advice which can help you.
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    I was just checking this out today:

    It appears to be Darril's site and has a multitude of resources.

    Since ordering hard copies from Amazon seems to be a problem for you, you may wish to consider getting the "Full Security+ Course" (listed on the right) as it has the Study Guide within its online course.

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    @Skyliinez92 Wow thanks a lot, that's a lot of good insight as well as exactly what I needed. I will probably go ahead with MeasureUp as well as the other resources. Appreciate it.

    @MontagyeVandervort I was checking it out as well and wasn't sure if it was legit or accurate, but I guess it is, thanks a lot.

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    so much info .. 
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    Message me if you still plan to take Sec+
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