Passed ICND2 - 921

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I studied for about 7 weeks for around 2 to 3 hours per day. I took a slightly different approach this time as compared to ICND1.

1. Watched CBT Nuggets ICND2
2. Read the Odom ICND2 book.
3. Bought the Cisco Learning Labs on Cyber Monday and used them as my sole source for labbing.
4. Watched ICND2 INE video series by Keith Boggart.
5.Took free practice tests through CBT Nuggets (Kaplan).
6.Took Boson ICND2 exams. (Scored high 800's on all 4 exams)

I was surprised by this exam. I feel that it went really deep in theory. 

CBT Nuggets will do a good job to prepare you for simulations but not the rest of the test. It simply did not go deep enough.

The Odom book was excellent

The Cisco Learning Labs were very good! I am definitely going to use them again for CCNP switch. I wasn't sure about them because I thought that they were too difficult at times. But I am glad that I used them!

The INE videos were excellent!

The Kaplan tests were not very good.

The Boson tests were good but not as good as they were for ICND1. 

If I had to do it again, I would skip CBT Nuggets and the Kaplan exams. 

Thank You! On to CCNP Switch


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