What are the best books for Security+?

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I passed my network+ certification today, and I am now considering studying for the Security+ exam, so I would like to know what are the best books for it.



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    That is the big question icon_confused.gif

    Most who have used it rate Tcat Howser & Helen O'Boyle's Security+ pdf as being first class (the full one and not the free one) http://www.alphageekproductions.com/ CBT Nuggets are first class compared to the Learnkey ones so I rwecommend them highly.

    As far as others go the Sybex book is pretty good. I do hear the All In One from Shon Harris is good too, but the Passport series from the same publisher is lacking in a few areas. I did briefly glance at the MS Press book, but discarded it as only covering about 50% of the objectives, however after seeing the screwy questions from Comptia and knowing that MS has someone on the Sec+ advisory board, then maybe it could be worthwhile revisiting.
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    I used them both and they were more than enough but the MSPress book is a bit of a boring read. I found it difficult to read it for more than about 45 minutes without becoming extremely tired, they also like to call a DMZ a Perimeter Network and harp on a bit about Windows 2000 (which didn't feature in the exam at all). The level of your understanding of the underlying concepts with each part of the exam will determine your fate, the MS Press book gets all of that but like I said they make an interesting subject boring in the extreme. Hacking exposed also covers a lot of the attack methods and counter-measures that will be in the exam, while being interesting and engaging.
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    Hrm, are there any other recommendations? Seeing that the Sec+ can substitute for an elective on a good many Microsoft cert tracks, as well as gaining me credit for 3 out of 6 classes, making it possible for me to pick up two degrees by the end of the next year, I've decided to start pursuing this as soon as I finish my MCSA.
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    The MS book seems to be okay. I also am using Sec+ exam cram as well as different online tests.
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    What about the QUE certification books?

    I used them for network+ and A+, got great scores. Everything -except what a "LEC" is - is in those books. Except for that ONE acronym, I never found anything to be missing or wrong.

    Thanks to this site I now know what a LEC, or Local Exchange Carrier, Or telephone company, is.

    So I'm logically thinking I'll get the secuity+ manual from the same people (always a checkered race flag on the covers)

    Any input?

    PS: They're CramSession, PrepLogic and CompTIA approved.
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    I took and passed sec+ and I used the Sybex book. Really nice read and covers everything well.
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