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I am studying for CCENT. I  have been involved in telecom for many years (33 to be exact) and I am learning lots of new things. My background as an old TDM man seemed much more straight-forward and easier to remember.  There is so much to learn  with this old brain of mine! Recommendations appreciated.


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    Welcome to the site!

    Yes, I have one very big recommendation ... stop thinking of your brain as "old". It won't help you at all. In fact, it can actually hold you back.

    Good luck!
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    well, hello ya ole geezer! welcome to the old folks home...we tend to think if we do not learn, we will get dementia or alzheimer...so get studying! heh
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    Welcome old timer! ;) If you have any questions about things, be sure to post in the CCENT/CCNA forum. Make yourself at home and ask questions! There is a wealth of knowledge in the members of TE. Don't be afraid to use it!!

    I'm going for my CCENT/CCNA (finally) too!
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