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so, I really don't have any background in programming...only a few Basic/Visual Basic courses from my AAS degree (yeah, back in 90's).

I would really like to learn some scripting languages easily (Powershell, Python, Perl, etc)...I have only dabbled with batch files/logon scripts.

Do you have a recommended authors/vlogs/training site, etc? 

What I do have is the 30min lunches for Powershell already, however, I guess I am looking for something that has tutorials where you actually build a script from scratch from a scenario, per se.  That is what I am really looking for, but not for sure if anyone has put that out there on the interwebs.  I also have a few Python courses in my Udemy account too.

In the meantime, I will finish up the 30min of lunches & Udemy courses and see if I have a better understanding. 

BUT if anyone else out here has suggestions/comments, please post!

Cheers & Hi5!
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    I learned Python a while ago and I'm glad I did. I use it almost every day at work, or at least what I created. I just started trying to script parts of my job. I started with hxxps:// its a great FREE book. I'd say find what takes you the most time at work and try to start trimming it down.

    Best of luck!
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    I learned PowerShell doing the scripting games challenges from Microsoft years ago. They gave you a scenario, likely some files to download, and you would script the solution, send it in, and get it scored (passed, basically). I don't think they do these games anymore, but the challenges are still up. They make for great microgoals to pursue, with each idea you have to solve it, a chance to research, write, and troubleshoot the script rather than some tutorial just writing it for you.

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    One of the best powershell resources I've found so far: 

    Not quite what you were asking for (no build script from scratch), but it's definitely worth a watch. 
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    Do you have a recommended authors/vlogs/training site, etc?  
    My entire job is automation this means that I am writing automation scripts all the time. I use Powershell, Bash and Python 3. I find that python is my favorite language to work with but bash and PowerShell scripts are more portable in their respective environments. By far the best way to learn is to pick something that you want to build and try building it. If you need inspiration

    If you have a project in mind feel free to ask questions. I will do my best to pay attention to this forum :) 
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    For PowerShell GUIs, I use PowerShell Studio. It also the ability to make executable or installable from your scripts. 
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    Thanks everyone for your input, I am sure these will be very helpful for script kiddies like myself.  heh

    Here is the link to the scripting games - 
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    Code3academy is a good one. But also you can google some more.
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