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Hey hello all.

My name is Ricardo Pearce, im 19 years old and from South Africa, I recently got my CCENT in November 2018 and currently working on the CCNA full cert.  

im currently working as Junior Field Engineer and hoping to move my way up to a senior network engineer by the end of the year. 

My path for 2019 is to have CCNA by the 7th of Feb, full CCNP by August and to start with CCDP in September.

thank you all


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    Welcome to the forum! Here's a link to the Cisco forums in case you haven't already found them. :)
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    Welcome to the forums!
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    Welcome Ricardo!
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Is it only me, but I find it laughable that after 1 year you can get the "Senior" title, specially without any other experience.

    I dont want to offend your goal, it is great.
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    @SteveLavoie no offence taken! I actually find it motivating. Because it takes a special Character to be able to prove themselves to be in a high position. Because I work for a large company, we are in over 30 countries and to be able to prove that I am an asset at such a young age shows that my drive and energy that I put into routine doesn't go to waste. Much love 
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    Good luck with the goals!
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    Welcome and good luck on your goals man, you can do it. 
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