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I wanted to block someone today. I went to the profile of the user and no options existed for me to block them. 

It would be awesome if you could block someone from posting on your thread and/or them seeing your posts. 

I highly recommend the block button. 


  • MeggoMeggo Administrator Posts: 183Admin Admin
    Hey @MrsWilliams

    There is no "block" feature on Vanilla, but we did just enable the ignore plugin on the platform. You can ignore users by navigating to their profile and clicking "ignore" on the drop down field in the upper right corner of their profile page. 

    Here's what that does:

    Ignore allows each member of the forum to maintain a list of other users whose comments they would prefer not to read. Comments posted by a person you have ignored will be 'buried' and must be clicked on (to expand them) in order to be read.

    If you ever feel harassed by another member or see inappropriate content posted on the forum, please contact a mod or admin ASAP. We want to make sure this remains a productive, professional environment for all members. 
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