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For the Masters in Cybersecurity I know WGU is heavy on the writing, but with the two certs or maybe with some of the classes do learn and technical tools?


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    Two (current) certs: CEH and CHFI will eliminate 8 credit hours.  A few classes changed January 1, 2019.  There is a Reddit thread.  Performance means some papers.  Objective is mostly testing.  Here is what we've figured outBut this is the meat of it:

    Objective-based - Ethical Hacking: exam

    Objective-based - Forensics and Network Intrusion: exam

    Objective-based - Secure Software Design: exam

    Objective-based - Secure Network Design:exam

    Performance and Objective-based - Cybersecurity Management I - Strategic: exam and ? paper(s)

    Performance and Objective-based - Cybersecurity Management II - Tactical: exam and ? paper(s)

    Performance - Cybersecurity Graduate Capstone: 3 papers

    ??? - Information Security and Assurance: ???

    ??? - Cybersecurity Architecture and Engineering: ???

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