Provisionally passed today

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I'm still in disbelief....I just knew I failed...but I passed.

Study process:
I started on Nov 1. I had to take the test no later than Jan 14th. I bought the Sybex book which is like 1100 pages or something. I read about 150-200 pages and I knew that I wouldn't make it through the whole book with enough time left for me to go back and go over things that I felt like were important or just study in general. So I got the Eric Conrad CISSP guide which is like 500-600 pages. I read that once completely. I bought the Boson exam. The cool thing is that the questions are split into domains and they tell you why the right answer is right but also why the wrong answers are wrong. So I went through all of the questions for each domain and used them to make my study guide that was sectioned off by domains. So the Boson questions and the Eric Conrad study guides were my main resources. The last couple of days I took some practice questions from McGraw Hill. A lot of people said that the Kelly H CISSP course on Cybrary was really good but for me personally, it's hard for me to watch a lot of videos. So I didn't really watch hers at all. Only a couple. Too easy for my mind to drift. It's a lot easier and more effective for me to read something.

It wasn't as hard as I thought it'd be but I was never comfortable. There were only a couple of questions where I felt like I knew the answer immediately. All of the other one,s I could pick out two of the wrong ones quick or all 4 answers seemed like a possibility.

At the end, I just knew I failed. Even before I took the test, I knew I was gonna fail. Those McGraw Hill questions were hard and really killed my confidence lol. I got to question 100 and after I clicked Next, it took a long time so I knew that was the last question. I also know that if it ends at 100 questions, you either passed or you bombed and I just knew I bombed. But I didn't.

Thanks to all the people here posting their experiences.


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