Techno Functional vs Business Analyst

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Just curious if you have heard of the role or title called techno functional.  I've sort of been coining myself as a BA in years past, but the more research I do the more I believe I fall into the techno functional bucket.  

See below.

VBA, SQL and other forms of SQL and BI scripting. 
BI solutioning, developing including managing server side applications, both customer built and COTS.  
Strong understanding of most business verticals, including supply chain, finance, accounting, operations....
Experiencing engaging senior executive level through operational folks
Design and architect data models and bi solutions
Project management

I feel the BA designations limits me to requirements capture and review........   

I just started a new gig, all is well.  Just curious if anyone finds themselves in this situation, maybe in a different role. 

In this new role, data design, reporting development, analysis, project management, server admin.   


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    it means they play dubstep throughout the office and must be a techno dancer  B)
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    Seems to me the term "technofunctional" is used more as an adjective than a noun.

    "Technofunctional Analyst" or more commonly "Technofunctional Consultant"

    I don't see anyone calling themselves "a" technofunctional ... yet.

    Edit - Also there seems to be a lack of consensus as to whether we're going to use it as a compound word (Technofunctional) or hyphenate it (Techno-Functional). :D

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    When I've seen it, it referred to a business type with an above average understanding of tech, as opposed to the other way around. Think of a Big 4 business analyst with an emphasis on IT.
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    @EANx ;  Thanks for the clarification.....    I'm 50 / 50 maybe 60 / 40 tech but most certainly not a business "folk".  I was just doing some review and this "title" popped and up and I was thinking wait a minute......  
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    So far what I'm seeing is it's someone who usually has an edu background in Tech but then ends up (for whatever reason) working in roles that are more geared towards Project Management, Analysis, or a coordination between Technical and Functional (hence being labelled Techno-Functional).

    I guess that's why you end up seeing a lot of "Analyst" positions for this.

    One site I ran into defined it as this:
    Begins with technical and pursues on analysis-driven activities such as business analyst, technical analyst, or coordination.

    It seems an interesting mix of Technical and Business skills that I've seen a few on this site possess.
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