Question: CISSP (Passed Provisionally) CCSP Endorsement Waiting Period

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Hey all, pretty basic question...

My goal is to take and pass the CISSP this upcoming Tuesday 1/15 -- I was going to then jump right on the CCSP as in my role I for the last 3 years I am pretty much exposed to everything and it's time to consolidate this knowledge into some certs.

My question is does it make sense to aim to take the CCSP within a month (I am aiming at 4-5 weeks) after I finish the CISSP, but I am pretty confident that the CISSP endorsement process will not have finished yet. So I am wondering if I do take and pass the CCSP before the CISSP endorsement process finalizes will it trigger another elongated validation process (The CCSP says your work requirements are waved if you are a CISSP holder.)

I have a tight scheduled planned for taking these exams as I have two ISACA exams I need to try to fit in to the test window before the end of May as well, and want to make sure it wouldn't be a problem.


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    As per, you need to apply for endorsement within 9 months of passing, so your CCSP endorsement can wait. Try to get a CISSP certified person to endorse you; the process is faster. 

    Yes, it makes sense to take CCSP after CISSP. 

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    I had my CISSP, then took CCSP 1/4 and passed. The endorsement process sees you have your CISSP, then automatically takes it from there. The wait is long (8 weeks), so I'll probably see this finished in March
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    Instead of creating  a new thread I am just updating this one. Passed the exam first try at question 100 (Can't say i believed this was a pass at all as I didn't feel that a good portion of the content was in the test material I used.)

    Sybex Version 7
    CISSP Study Guide Eric Conrad
    Eleventh Hour CISSP Study Guide

    Practice test:
    CISSP Official practice test ISC2
    Boson Practice Test

    Have 3 Years of Security Full-time Experience with 1 1/2 year now as a Security Architect and a Year as a Sec Manager and Half as a Senior Sec Engineer.

    I will say most of the material is in the SYBEX, Boson is helpful for the format of the question types... but understand the concepts and implications of the technology and the security function. Good luck all.

    On to the CCSP
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    Congrats on the pass!  What was your study schedule like?
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    You'd be fine to do the CCSP right away. It's a similiar endorsement process for the CCSP (unless you have a in-good-state CISSP, in which case you'll be able to endorse yourself so to speak). So after you write and hopefully pass the CCSP exam, you'll just need to wait until CISSP endorsed to endorse yourself for the CCSP, or go through the same endorsement process for the CCSP.
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    Passing (ISC)2 exams and certification endorsement are two different procedures. Nothing says you need to wait for an endorsement to complete on one (ISC)2 cert before you can take your next (ISC)2 cert exam.
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