Mondelez is suing its insurance company for $100m

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100 million seems excessive. Can anyone explain to me how someone "loses" 24,000 laptops and 1,700 servers? Isn't standard recovery process reformat the Hard Drives and reinstall? Even if they had to buy new hard drives for the laptops and reinstall a new image, I estimate the cost around $100 a laptop, So that's around 2.5 million dollars, some specialized software re-installs could push that number up another 500k. Than the servers, even at a thousand dollars recovery cost per server, you looking at 1.7 million, thus the cost of recovery I put at around 5 million dollars. True there loss of business that would be many times that amount, but the insurance policy is for loss of hardware, not loss of business. Do they really expect us to believe they simply tossed 1,700 servers and 24,000 laptops in the trash and brought new? 
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    They are probably just trying to get the initial $10m the company offered them before rescinding. The $100m gives them plenty of leeway during the process.

    Hope they win or soon everything will be "an act of war" according to insurance companies. :D
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    I still question how malware "damaged" hardware, if there datacenter was flooded out that be one thing, but Malware damaging hardware? I guess in theory malware could disable the cooling fan and overclock the CPU till it has a melt down, but short of that, malware shouldn't be able to survive a low level format and re-image and reinstall.
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    I get where you're coming from but either way I still hope they win at least that initially offered $10m because of the precedence.
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