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Finally took the dive to purchase a voucher for Network+ and begin my road with Certs. 

Any recommendations on how to study? I already have the new N10-007 and want to see if there's any key topics when taking the test. 


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    Nice! I made the same decision as you just two months ago when I decided to pop my cherry with Net+.

    A popular strategy seems to be printing off the official "Certification Exam Objectives" issued by CompTIA and using this as a checklist as you progress through your studying. The idea being this ensures you cover everything that could potentially be on the exam, and you can identify any areas to spend additional time studying if needed.

    I passed on my first attempt, albeit barely (753 lol), but here's the resources I used in order of what I perceived as most valuable to least: 
    1) Professor Messer Resources 
    Both the study notes and free videos proved to be incredibly worthwhile investments (time and financial for the notes).
    2) Practice Tests (Sybex: Craig Zacker) 
    I don't necessarily believe the practice exams by Sybex are specifically what you need, realistic practice exams in general is the point here. This was very important for me. I didn't buy any fancy exam simulator/engine and just had an offline book of exam questions, I just made sure to time myself and make the practice exam as realistic as possible (ex. 135 minutes, 80-90 questions... etc.). The questions were obviously nice and I was surprised how helpful it was to practice answering questions as quickly as possible, like you would in a real exam.
    3) Exam Compass Practice Quizzes (while tracking results) 
    I made sure to write all of the Exam Compass quizzes before anything else. If memory serves me I had taken the quizzes to get an idea of where my strength/weakness are before actually starting to study. I would then pay close attention to all of the areas where I struggled (under 85%). I made sure to document my marks as I'd then write the same quizzes at the midway point of my studies and towards the end with the goal of tracking progress and identifying any areas I continuously get wrong throughout all the attempts.
    4) Courseware / Textbooks
    I didn't open a textbook over my 1.5 months of studying. It's important to note that I'm a full-time student who is studying Network Security and has previously taken a Network+ course maybe 9 months ago, while all my other classes (ex. CCNA, Windows, etc.) usually relate to Network+ in various ways. I wouldn't necessarily recommend not using any textbooks, but by looking at the exam objectives you should have a better idea if you need to invest in one or not.

    Exam Comments / Tips:
    • Look up professor messer's video on subnetting tips and memorize the 1st chart (7-second subnetting video or something?). While I didn't see more than five subnetting questions it was reassuring knowing I could do them pretty quickly when needed.
    • Understand the difference between all of the hardware/tools on the exam and more importantly when/why you would use them.
    • 802.11...

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