70-741 Passed!

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Just Passed the 70-741.  I personally felt it wasn't that difficult.  I have a fairly good networking background, so most of the networking was obvious.  

One more and I'm done for a while... I need a break from the books and videos for a bit!


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    Great job!

    There was a lot of the exam that I remembered from CCNA which helped a lot. I had no server experience so I still found the tests hard but very manageable. Good Luck on the next one. I am just starting my serious study for 70-742 myself.
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    Congrats.. I'm in the same boat. On the 742 it's a little hard to study when life gets in the way. But good luck. I also found the CCNA knowledge useful for the networking in the 741. 
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    edited November 2019
    Could you please share your method to study for the section "Implement an Advanced Network Infrastructure"? what materials did you use? I have access to almost all the study resources but still, I can't find it easy to understand everything.
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    Hey November24. 

    I passed this exam too. To be honest that section is a little fuzzy to me. What I recall doing myself was CBT Nuggets and official exam book. Also generally I research topics online that stump me. Such as software defined networking. I recall a good couple pages i read in the 70-741 exam book. To be fair load balancing I learnt in the 70-410 exam which covered alot. Also I do lots of virtualization day to day in my job.

    Mostly the exam book helped me through this section. Was too much detail to understand in a video from what I recall.  Also to clarify too never used most of these technologies in real world but I certainly understand them to a degree.  Seems they are mostly for enterprise level servers like datacenters. As all msca certs focus on enterprise. 

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