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I am planning to take the certification exam in coming summer and build a small study plan to myself. I wanted to get some input from people who have done the exam successfully and see if my plan looks ok and what else can be added.

Resource Material
1- Cybrary.it Training videos
2 - University provided CISSP Training (4 month course 39 hrs)
3- Shon harris AIO CISSP Guide 8th edition
4 - Eleventh Hour CISSP®: Study Guide
5- Official CISSP Practice tests
6- BOSON tests (if time permits)

My plan was to watch cybrary videos before my in class preperation. So far i have already watched over cybrary training videos and made notes on important definitions & topics. My Class has started and we will be getting power point slide shows to go over on important definations, topics , quizes after every domain and mid-term as well as final exam(non official). I will be reading through Shon Harris AIO guide throughout my training until April.

After i am done with my class i will start with Eleventh Hour CISSP®: Study Guide to further enhance my concepts and start doing practice tests on each domain as i go and also review my Cybrary notes as well notes i took during my lectures.
If time permits also do boson tests in the end.
Overall i am thinking to spend from start to end about 6 months. ( just want be really sure my money spent is paid off and not wasted)

Let me know how my plan sounds and if anything that could be changed or added. Thanks in advance.

P.S. Debating if i should highlight, mark important stuff in  Shon harris AIO CISSP Guide 8th edition & make notes or could i end up with too many notes, information etc.
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