Ever step back into a previous role?

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Have you ever stepped back into a previous career role after switching to a different one for about a year and a half?
For instance, say that you came out of career A, which you have 11 years of experience with, and went into career B. Stayed in it for 1.5 years and you don't think it's for you so you go back to career A?

How do you do this when your resume and education is heavily focused on career B, and every time you apply to positions for career A, you get turned down, despite the amazing experience you have? Should the resume be tweaked to only include relevant experience for the career you are trying to step back into?


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    Correction, the education is focused on career B but the experience is not heavily focused on it (except the most recent job)
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    You've made your decision and now you have to go forward with it.  I'm assuming the interviewers see someone who isn't committed to that particular job role / craft anymore.  Just an assumption hard to guess TBH.   Of course if you brute force enough you'll get back in just might take sometime, at least from my perspective.  

    In regards to your strategy I would think focusing more on the previous experience and omitting information from the most recent role could draw their attention away from the most current role, at least making it not the primary focus which in theory would pull them to the role you want them too.  

    Without knowing either role it's really hard to offer opinions though.  Are we talking Network Engineer to Used Car Sales?  Or System Engineering to Operational IT Manager?  Or something completely different.   IMO a big piece that will formalize your strategy depends on how much the two roles differentiate.  

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    It's not a big deal just explain your experience and that you made a mistake and realized you really love what you do. They will love that you know what you want and not see you at risk for looking to hop careers/jobs.
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