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Hello everyone :)

I passed OSCP exam last year, I had topic opened here, if you're interested you can reach that topic and read my road :)

Recently I have opportunity to obtain GXPN and OSCE training budget. What will be the most correct way of taking them?


Please express you opinions :)


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    GXPN to OSCE

    That is the route I am taking. I plan on doing GXPN, get some experience and then do OSCE in early 2020. I will be taking SEC660 in May at SANS West San Diego. 

    This guy has taken both and recommends both supplement each other. (similar to what pwnag3 wrote)
    Doyler also mentions GXPN as a bridge between OSCP and OSCE.
    pwnag3 describes the GXPN as more descriptive and hand holding covering many more topics than OSCE. But he says the OSCE is a much harder test. Mentions OSCE is more windows focused.  
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