A+ 901 and 902 Certification?

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Hi guys,

I have a teacher who's willing to help students get hired and he feels the fastest cert path to great jobs is 901 only, then Net+ and then Security+.

Then if it helps finish the 902 portion for a full cert or still skip it and do the Windows 7 cert, whatever that is called.

I'm thinking it shows some foundation evidence, but saves time getting to the higher certs to start with the higher jobs faster/earlier.

He's helped place a lot of people in jobs.

I'm just bringing this up as I've never heard anyone else suggest this path and I'm wondering if the community here has any feedback on it.

Another instructor who rarely helps people in the field in a super direct way suggested I fill in A+, then do Net+, and then MCSA to get straight into active directory. Different methods for different jobs.

I'm "new" here but I've been reading for a couple weeks now. I kept wanting to comment but I had to get an account first. That was too much time when I was readying for 901. Passed on my first try. :)


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    If you're new to IT then it's recommended to start with the CompTIA courses for various reasons, but I don't understand why you would do the second part of the A+ after Net and Sec? It depends on your career goals, and doing the CompTIA certs will help you decide where you want your future to go. I would personally start with the A+ in full then the Net+, and decide where to go from there.
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