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Hi everyone, I'm Stephen and live in Rhode Island. Currently i am out of work and have been looking for the past few months and have had a few interviews, but that is another discussion.
Reason why i joined this group is get some answers from the community that i may have and be able to contribute as time goes on. 
I been in IT for a long time.
My mother bought me a Commodore VIC 20 in the 80's, I stared tearing down machines and building in the 90's and then in the early 2000's i started to work as a professional. 
I currently do not have a college degree, since i changed majors a few times, i should of just stuck with what i know....computers.
Now that i am out of work, i have hands on job experience and skills i learned myself.
Oh one more thing, i technically don't have any certifications, well i have one. 
For 2019, this is going to be the year that i learn more skills, but validate them to back them up on my resume.
I have been rejected a few times already since I don't have A+ and/or MCSA as a must have requirement.

So my goal is to get somethings under my belt, and i am even entertaining moving to another profession. Currently i am looking for desktop work but i loved my last role as a Infrastructure Analyst. Would entertain, programming, cloud base, networking, or security.....will see.

So to touch base, the one cert i do have is the Google IT Support Professional Certificate that i just acquired yesterday and banged out in a week. I am going to post something on that since i saw very little about it, and when i went for it, i had unanswered questions, that now i have answers to.


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    Welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the forum!  Look at the job posting you are looking for and choose your next certification based on that. 

    By example, A+ should not be hard to get for you. Then look at MCSA for O365 (or whatever name they choose that month ). Don't do only certification based on what you know, do some to get into something "hot" / in demand.  O365 deployement are hot project for many desktop support team. You look as you had many years of experience, don't make certs only to be the same as every other applicant.
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    I just recently heard that too..you shouldn't be taking certifications on a filed you already are in. Rather take it on a field you want to get into. 
    I just signed up for a local meet up on Coding, will see if that is something i want to get into.
    ITIL Foundations is on the radar and I saw MS has new certs out...maybe Azure, AWS. Looking back when i use to do helpdesk, all those people are making much more then me and are doing circles around me, because they learned new skills. I was just sitting around doing the same thing, learning new tech, but not really new skills. 2019 is set to change that for me.
    Losing my job opened my eye for me and i am going to concentrate on my brand.
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    At the begining of a career, it help to build a standard cert portfolio to confirm that you are progressing. However at your experience level, certs should be used to differenciate you from other job applicant, not confirm what you should know.  
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