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I was looking for certification that i could take real fast and not pay a lot of money for it right now. 
Don't recall on how i located this since it was a week ago, but i decided my take on the Google IT cert.
The program was deigned with entry level IT job for someone that knows Zero. Well i been an IT Professional for some time, so i thought maybe i can zip through this, what do i have to loose.
The program is suppose to be for 8 months and you dedicate 8-10 hours a week. It is 5 courses that you suppose to take and each course tells you what you should cover each week.Though you can go at your own pace but that might be bad and will explain later.

My research told me about possible fees and a cost of $400, but you can actually do this for free. If you anticipate taking your time Coursera will bill you monthly as you are trying to complete the certification. So i signed up for the trial and gave myself a goal to complete it within the trial date.
I started off on a Sunday night and watched some videos from someone at Google to go over some things and then later on i had to take a quiz on what i just learned. They have a quiz on every topic that are sometime 2 questions, or 17. At the end of your course you have a larger exam that you have to pass and if you don't you can take it over a few times within the hour, or you have to wait, just like a real exam.
A few times I had to write an essay....what! Yes, so you do have to know what you are talking about and just guessing on buttons. The essay would be like you work for company A and they want you to make sure they are setup with the proper security. So you explained like you would setup separate VLAN's for each department, you would introduce WPA2 wifi and have a RADIUS server, etc, etc.
Then someone would have to grade your paper and note like say I mentioned to setup a VLAN for 1 point, but since i said it was for each department, i had 3 points. So this is where i am going to comment on taking this at a little faster pace. 
Three people join the class, you do this as a group. Course 1 says you should have this done in 30 days. Well if i make it to the end i need a paper graded and everyone is still on week 2, i have to wait. This worried me since i wanted to get this done in the week. Good news to me, it seemed others were in the same boat as me. So we would post in the forum to please grade my paper and this would speed up the process.
How much work did this take on my part? I would say i spent 8 hours on average and as long as 11 maybe. I did that for 7 full days.
I have no job or kids, and nowhere to be, so i started in the morning and then ended when i went to bed.It tracks your participation. So you have to watch each video so you get a green check mark on it. Now if you cover DHCP and you are are a wiz at this, then you should be able to move the play button a 3rd of the way and watch the last few snips and move on. There were a few topics that i knew an i did this, but i might of did just a few times, not a lot. I later on started to do this when someone spoke for a minute on who they were and what kind of job they do. 
The exciting part of this was the labs, yes, they have lab work on here and they cover Windows and Linux. So you would go out to Google Cloud, click on the windows session and say create an account in AD. You may have to go out to Linux terminal , install software and configure it. The Linux part half way started to get tricky. They tell you what you have to do and the commands. I recall this one time i had to partition a drive and format it. Well if you just copied and pasted the commands it would not work. It would tell you in detail that the instructions might not match up with what you see. So you had to understand, "oh i have to mount the 2nd drive, I see the 2nd drive". Where as the instructions was mounting the 1st drive. There was a lot of Linux commands on here i thought it was overkill, but Chrome OS is based on Linux. Was surprise they only covered a small part on Chrome OS, but it was an advertisement on how they were telling you , Chrome OS is so secure and this is why.
This is a non credit college course, but North Eastern University will count this up to 12 credits. They have a list of partners that recognize this course and even suppose to send you job information if you opt in.
All of this work is done at the comfort of your home, so there is a honor code that you suppose to check after each quiz you take. 
I had the video run with CC as they spoke and took notes. So i felt i had good understanding when test time came. Think i failed 1 course out of all of them. My average score was low to mid 90 on there. Your score is no view-able to anyone but you. You can link your cert to you Likedin account or print it out.
I don't have A+ and i tried to study for that a few time back in the day it already started off as a bore since i was not the person to study.  This covered hardware, software, networking, security, interviewing, resume building, and dealing with customers. 
So i would say if you are working, take the month to do this. Being that i am out of work, i did this in one week and it cost me nothing. I am waiting for a Yes on one interview, a follow up to a phone screen, and a 3rd for a schedule date from my recruiter. Well on all 3 of these jobs, i sent my cert to them and will see if this will give me that push.

(Seems Tech Exams will not let me post any links since i am new, but you can do a search for them)


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    So we can receive a certificate here? Amazing!
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    Yes, I have brought it with me to some interviews. I went to Staples and has them print it out on some nice paper for me. Printed out says Infrastructure on it since that was my last role. Just the main one says entry on it. I think of myself far from entry. Working in IT for 18 years.
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