Please help with 70-697

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Hello all,

So I just took my first crack at the 70-697 exam. It was pretty rough, I got a 647.... I had soaked up everything the Kaplan Practice test and Flash cards had to offer and I gotta say I didn't feel like the overlap was great at all, I felt like what knowledge I had and deductive reasoning did a bit more for me than Kaplan's prep materials did. The only thing I used other than that was a pretty basic mobile app and I don't think it offered answers to much either, maybe got me through a couple questions. Perhaps it was just luck of the draw on questions and the Kaplan isn't terrible but it's left me pretty irritated that I spent several weeks on it and it barely helped. So my first and most obvious question is what people would recommend to add in to the mix from here. The other question I have is how much overlap is there between 697 and 698? I watch some skillpipe videos on each before I started studying and they seem so similar. The reason I ask that is I have access to the 698 on Kaplan as well. If the overlap is significant I was thinking 2 birds with one stone might be in order. Any and all assistance would be appreciated. I really would like to hit it again no more than 2 weeks from now so I have some cushion on taking on the 698 as I have to get this done by the end of March when they are going to discontinue it. Thanks everyone!


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