Is it worth replacing your Ethernet cables with fiber?

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I'm looking to get fiber to my home and I wanted to know if here would be any improvement in speed if I switched to all fiber within the home itself. Is it worth it cost wise and will there be any actual benefit. Side note: does anyone know of  places in Florida to pickup reasonably priced fiber if it is actually worth the effort?
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    What sort of cable do you have right now? Are you trying to solve any specific problem? 
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    Is your Internet connection very slow now?
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    The fiber connection to your house will be terminated to an ethernet drop unless you request fiber.

    CAT5 - 100Mb/s but can do 1Gb/s (SHORT CABLES)
    CAT5e - 1Gb/s
    CAT6 - 10Gb/s
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    Thanks for the comments and advice guys. In the end I'm not sure it will yield any noticeable results if I was to swap out standard Ethernet with Fiber. But it's always an option in the future I guess. I've since check out the prices at some places locally and those that would ship, it's not terribly expensive but there is a small learning curve as to which type of fiber to make use of. I'm actually going to stop in at Fibertronics after work and see what's what.
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