Take a 10K Paycut to Get Networking Job?

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I'm working as a Tier 1 Technical Support Analyst (contractor) for a government contractor. I was recently offered a job as full-time employee of the contracting company with a similar salary to what I'm making now.

Recently, I was offered a another job as a Network Technician (full-time employee) for a different government contractor at 10K less than what currently make.

After a year and a half, my current job is going nowwhere, just more customer service phone work. I'm trying to get into Network Security and am studying for my CCNA certification, so the Network Technician job would give me hands on relevant experience towards my goal.

Should I make the jump and switch jobs or stay where I am and wait for better offers?


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    All education has some sort of cost associated with it. Time, money, failure to take other opportunities.

    I personally would not even be asking the question. If your interested in Networking and offered a job in networking there is a good chance it is going to benefit you in the long term.
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    I have one of those "going nowhere" jobs, but I never take pay cuts on positions that "I think, might" help me gain new IT experiences.  Always go upwards, not backwards.  Unless you are unemployed.

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    Are you able to find another network role with a higher salary? As Jon says the experience and future opportunities can benefit you if you progress well, however you need to think about your current income and whether or not you know you could sacrifice it.

    If not, another option would be to use the free time to study for your CCNA now and hop jobs once you're certified. That's what I'm currently doing with my MCSA.
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    It's really a decision you'll need to make based on your own personal/financial situation. If it allows you to comfortably take a 10k hit and the experience gained will benefit you in the long-term, I'd say go for it. Be certain the job's day to day activities will meet the expectations of a network tech. I've seen jobs listed as "Network Administrator" that were really just desktop support with occasionally troubleshooting the building's wifi.
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    Personally I wouldn't take a 10k cut unless I knew my current position was going away.  As shochan said, upward not backward, unless unemployed.
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    Sometimes you have to go backward to go forward. Think of it like driving, you have to back out of the parking space in order to drive forward. If you're in a dead-end position, taking the pay cut is more likely to be the better long-term choice.
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    An offer is never firm. You are allowed to haggle for your starting salary and employers expect candidates to do this. Tell the recruiter that you can't move for less than 5% more than you are making now and see what they say. If they really want you they'll meet your demand.
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    I agree with JD.

    10k is a lot of money. If it was 2 or 3k, I'd consider it.
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    Personally, I would jump on this no pause whatsoever.

    Even without negotiating the salary this is an upward move. You would be moving from a mostly customer service postion (low) to a Networking position (higher). You would also be moving from contract to full-time.

    Then once you get your CCNA, make another upward move.

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    I just did that and 2 months later I am on my second interview for the day......
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