Future of VoIP

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Hi all,

I am planning on my next career path so I am considering on specializing in certain technologies like VOIP, security, virtualization, routing and switching or wireless technologies.

I am interested particularly in Cisco products so I have been battling between the choice of specializing in VoIP or wireless technology. I finally made up my mind that I will go for VoIP but I am concerned about the future of VoIP in the next 10 years or more seeing that products like 3CX can integrate into your mobile phone through the app and onto your desktop which to me suggest that normal desk phone will eventually fall away in the future.

So I wanted to find out from other TE members who are in this field or members who can predict where the future of VoIP is heading and if it will be a secured career going forward.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.


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