Passed my CREST CCT App exams and now preparing for OSCE

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Some of you may remember me 3 years back. I started a thread here on my OSCP journey without any prior pentesting experience.

So it has been one hell of a ride since then. I got a job as a security consultant and more or less became specialized in applications due to the type of projects I was exposed to often.

Just wanted to share that it has been great so far and I recently just cleared my CREST CCT App exam. CREST has huge recognition in the UK and it is expanding across APAC.

The CREST CCT App exam was intense. I will be glad to answer any questions here regarding the exam as long as it does not violate the NDA and does not relate to details on the exam questions.

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    I have no questions to ask, but wanted to say congratulations on your pass!  Looking forward to seeing the thread about your journey to OSCE as well  :)  
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    @ 9emin1

    Congratulations! I heard it’s not that easy even when compared to OSCP. Can you share the resources and time spent in preparing for the certification.


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    @9emin1, I'd like to know more about the CCT exam.

    Apart from the recommended reading on CREST's website, looking back, what other online material, would you say, helped you prepare?
    Is there any specific areas I should focus on?
  • jeremy_dfirjeremy_dfir CISSP, eCDFP, eCTHP GreeceMember Posts: 19 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Congrats! Keep pushing....
  • UnixGuyUnixGuy SABSA, GCFA, GPEN, CISM, RHCE, Security+, Server+, eJPT, CCNA Mod Posts: 4,082 Mod
    Congrats! That's a beast of a cert! Highly sought after cert in UK and APAC regoin
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    Great job! I'd also like to learn more about the CREST CCT App exam, what would you recommend for preparation? The syllabus is pretty generic and the information about CREST materials and prep is virtually non-existent when compared to Offensive Security certifications.
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    I agree i'd like to hear more about your prep and problem points. I know we will be looking at CREST certification, not sure if it's the CCT or something else.
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    Did you do the Crest CPSA exam first? If so any general revision tips which won't violate the NDA?
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