Gaslighting at work

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How do you deal with this? Find another job


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    Deal with it, you are going to find manipulations of any type at any job.  If a boss is like that then try to get out of the group or find another job.  
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    Not sure if this is a question? You seemed to have answered it in your own post, find another job. It might be relative too, there is a difference between really making someone think they're crazy and question their own decisions vs someone else having a different opinion. 
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    Look at this as an opportunity to check your own perception of reality. Is it strong enough to resist this type of attack? A major defense is to always focus on "the big picture." Why are you being targeted? Try to look at the world from the gaslighter's point of view.

    You can even go on the offensive and see if you can gaslight the gaslighter. Can you make the gaslighter think that you are both cut from the same piece of cloth? Can you be subtle enough so the gaslighter doesn't realize the attack is happening?

    Finally, how do you "sour the milk" so the gaslighter no longer considers you to be an entertaining target? This could be a very good chance to improve your psyops skills.

    Of course, we are all exposed to gaslighting in advertising every day. Learn to recognize it.
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    Quality first post. :)

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