HDI and ITIL Study Materials

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I have seen a lot of help desk support and desktop support ask for HDI and ITIL certs in job postings lately. I have some done research and I have not found anywhere you can simply buy a book or cheap training materials so you can just take the tests. Are these certs not like CompTIA and Microsoft certs? Are these certs more along the line of "let your job pay for it" or "don't worry about it until you get the job and let the new job pay for it?" 


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    I've taken the ITIL Foundation cert and that is all I basically did. Just purchased one book, the "ITIL Foundation Exam Study Guide" by Helen Morris and Liz Gallacher. But the materials is very dry. I would pair that with the ITIL videos at CBT Nuggets. I mostly studied from the videos, referencing the book to fill in some blanks. You can get this cert in less than a week.

    I paid for the test and study materials myself but if I could do it all over again I'd have the company pay for it. Especially if you're going into a help desk role.
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