Cannot choose SOC Analyst between these 2 companies

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Currently, I have worked as Level 1 SOC Analyst (Outsource)  at the customer site who is no.1 of the non-it industry  of my country for almost 3 months. I got the invitation of job interview from IBM in the same job position but it is Level 2 SOC Analyst. The interview is quite good. They also seems to like me from mindset and the SOC Experience (about one year). They tell HR will contact me again in the future.

I hesitate to choose between these 2 companies. The reason are

1. the current company care IT Security so much from having a big team of IT Security (more than 10 people including me) to support many IT-Security fileds such as PAM, APT, SIEM, DDos, IPS, Firewall, Endpoint Security, DLP) and I handle many product such as FireEye, Mcafee, Nexpose and Acunetix for my position.They are gonna take the new SIEM platform in the next few months
2. IBM is the big IT Company and They said they have huge knowledge base about Security Analysis for me to read and practice depend on my enthusiasm but I will handle only IBM QRadar.

Please help me to decide between I still work at this customer site or choose IBM?

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