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Hey all,

Ended up taking the ISSAP exam after reading through the book and some misc material (NIST).  

I thought the test was overall very easy, the technical questions were on the level of a regular CISSP exam however I ended up with a bunch of questions that were very difficult to understand or simply did not make any sense. When I left the exam I was confident that I had enough questions right that the other ones wouldnt drag my score too low. Well I was wrong. 

The results of the exam were even more perplexing, the lowest scoring domains are the ones that I have had the most experience in (10+ years) IAM, security architecture. My highest ones were the ones I have relatively little experience (legal/compliance), DR (we have departments that handle a good portion of this). 

To be perfectly honest, Im not sure what to do next. The CBK book is terrible, information sucks, written by a 5y/o, really difficult to read etc. In fact I have the CISSP and CISSP-CBK books and I thought those offered more insights than the ISSAP book. 

Any thoughts on the official training material just came out?

Any pointers? I read the ISSAP CBK, security engineering book by mr Anderson and a few NIST documents, flash card app from ISC. I have been debating just giving the exam another go in 30days 

Results: IAM below, infra security app security near, rest were above. 



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    I just failed ISSAP as well. I bought the Ross Anderson book and may give it another go.

    I also felt the questions were very difficult to understand. At least I know the things I need to brush up on.
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