Having doubts on CCNP R&S

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I currently have several entry-level certs, but at my age I feel like I should have at least one mid-level cert on my resume. I've been studying for the CCNP Route exam, and I like learning the material, but it's a lot and I don't often get the chance for hands-on experience at work. I know 10 years ago CCNP would have been a worthwhile pursuit, but is it still? Is it worth the $1000-$2000 I'll spend on it? I know it's a somewhat vague question with too many variables to truly account for them all, but I'm interested in hearing anyone's personal experiences on how it helped or did not help them in their career and/or job hunting. 
2019 Goals: CCNP R&S


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    Are you using GNS3 for labs?

    CCNP is definitely a good cert IF you are planning to become a senior network engineer and your work environment is Cisco heavy.
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