ISSAP passed

QuisUtDeusQuisUtDeus Member Posts: 24 ■■■□□□□□□□
29th Jan I passed (provisionally) the CISSP-ISSAP exam. I registered for an exam the Friday before. On Monday I skimmed through the ISSAP CBK. Wen through the Sunflower 2.0 two times to refresh the CISSP content. Of course, I didn't sleep much. :) On Tuesday I visited a VUE testing centre. At first, I started flagging questions for review, but later on I didn't have enough morale and just wanted to throw the whole exam behind. Submitted in 90 mins, absolutely not sure about the outcome I moved to the admin desk o get the print-out. Fortunately it was a congrats letter. YMMV and I do not recommend that tight schedule to anyone who wants to maintain sanity. :)


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