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I know this might sound kind of backwards, but I actually think I do better when taking exams in the test center than my own home. I flunked the last two exams I took from home and I'm afraid that this trend is going to keep going, unfortunately for me more and more exams seem to be offered online only.

Does anyone have any recommendations or tips on how to improve the environment or how to focus more from home?


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    Set yourself up in a room with no distractions. Turn off the ringer on your phone and stick it in a drawer. Put a note on the front door that says, "Do not disturb." Maybe even use noise cancelling headphones. 

    You could also schedule a conference room in your office for the duration of the test and hang a sign on the door.
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    I don't blame you. The same way I never take a computer into my bedroom, I don't want to take exams at home. Way too many distractions. The testing center puts me into that mindset that I need for success.
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    I've never taken a test at home but I've been keen to give it a go recently. I live in the South-West of the UK and all the test centers near me require an hour+ of travel. With pre-test nerves and my mind all over the place I don't like the idea of driving so I normally take the train, which costs a bomb. I'm interested to see how other find using a home environment as a test center.
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