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What are you the current IT Managers or the EX-IT Managers are doing or have done to move up the ladder?

I need to grow my skills set as an IT Manager and goal is to move towards IT Director and then possibly CIO.

My current job, I have Helpdesk, System, Network and Security team reporting to me.

At work i get good hands on Systems, Network and Security on daily basic along with managerial duties. 

Last couple of years due to the requirement at work, most of my focus has been Security.

What is the current market trend? Do I need to get some ERP, BI, Machine Learning, AI, coding under my belt before thinking about switching the job?

My personal experience from last couple months job hunt: The issues I am having is that I do not have much of ERP experience and so have lost couple of offers at firms where IT and IS team are under one Manager or Director.

Any kind of information and guidance will be highly appreciated.


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    I would imagine that everyone's path is a little different. But for me, it's generally been because I understood the business and industry. For most companies, technology is a supporting function and to be a competent senior manager, it's important to understand the business drivers in the industry that you work in as a technology manager.

    In my experience, it's not technology expertise that elevates a department manager to senior management or an executive level role but it's more about leadership qualities and business acumen.

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