Comptia A+ 902 Exam

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I am going to book ComTIA A+ 902 exam now and I would like to ask you guys coz all CompTIA A+ websites say about based-performance questions mostly but some other say that the test includes a few based- performance ones only out of multi- choice questions. However I am getting confused how I should prepare for the 902 exam? 
I am doing CERTBLAST TESTS, EXAM CRAM, PRACTICE TEST on and of course I went through All in One  of Meyers and Complete Study Guide as well . Certblast tests include 20% of based-performance questions. 
How does it looks like in reality on the exam???


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    I took my 902 test Today and unfortunately failed 547 achieved only. I had impression that time was running out fast as if 1 minut per one question to go through and reply. And this was my biggest problem during Today's test.
    I don't know what to do now. 
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    If you fail Comptia 902 and retake, do the questions change?
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